Two Variaudio questions

Long time Cubase user, but have never had to use Variaudio until this project. I’m loving it so far, but am a bit confused about two things.

1.) After it analyzes the audio, I notice some segments are separated in random parts which has that “digital stretch” sound and just get worse if I stretch or shorten them. Is there a way to paste the segment together to potentially get rid of this?

2.) At the beginning/end of note transitions, there are really sharp spikes which give it the god awful Cher effect. Is there any way to smooth the transitions?


  1. Yes, you can glue the segments.
  1. After analysis nothing else should happen than making pitch visible while the sound should be exactly like before analysis.

  2. It’s often a good idea to split segments at beginning and/or end of a note to get a more natural result. When you hover over the upper half of a segment you can set a pitch anchor that allows to tune the micropitch to the left/right of the anchor by pulling up/down on a segments’ border - can help to smooth out transitions.

Thanks! That definitely helped :slight_smile: