Two versions of cubase on one computer


Is it possible to have two versions of cubase on one compter? I have Cubase 4 and want to upgrade to 7 but I am scared to loose work for my Cubase 4 projects. Some of them are huge.

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Yes it is! Cubase 7 will be installed in a different folder.

Probably the most often asked question on this forum. As suggested by Svengali, you really can have numerous versions of Cubase on one computer, and all are previous versions will remain licensed, even though your e-licenser will only show that a license for Cubase 7.x The program files for each version are installed in individual folders (e.g. Cubase 4, Cubase 7 etc.) , but they will share VSTi folders whether you are on a Mac or PC.

Not only can you install different versions on the same computer, you can also have them both open at the same time.

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Although it has been a year ago … thanks for your replies! Excuse me for nor thanking you before. Something got in the way last year. Although I’m a bit embarrassed Í don’t want that to come in between… So better late than never… For what it’s worth.

Good to know. I see 6, 7.5 & 8 on my rig.

One extra thing to mention, is that although more than one version, or more than one project of the same version can be open at the same time, only one will be activated at a time, IIRC.

So keep that in mind to avoid frustration wondering why one project is playing and the other is not.

The ‘Activate’ button is at the top Left corner.

Actually if you have 2 different versions of Cubase open they can both play simultaneously. I just tested with V7.5 & V8.0.20 playing at the same time. One more version and I think I can go full John Cage :bulb:


Ah… I stand or rather sit corrected!

But doesn’t this cause a conflict with sharing the Audio Interface outs?

Doesn’t seem to. I just had 2 different versions of Cubase, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Windows Media Player all successfully playing through the same audio outs.


Either I feel like new man now…or…I just s.hit myself!

Not quite sure which one! :laughing:

Well, those two should be easily distinguished… :sunglasses:


Is this still the case?

Can I have both Cubase Pro 11 and Cubase Pro 8 installed on the same PC?

Yes you can.

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I also have two versins installed and probably will have three with the upcoming C13.

I wonder what happens when I uninstall the version(s) I’m sure I won’t need anymore. Will the remaining still be fully functional or -what I suspect- will the uninstall process delete important components which are used from all versions?

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Your suspicions are unwarranted, it only removes the program…

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Thanks for that.
And since the worst case will be a fresh installation my worries are unnescessary anyway…

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Good to know, I have Cubase Pro 11, but am planning on installing 8 as well to gain access to some 32-bit plugins that don’t work well in jBridge.

I basically never delete old versions of Cubase. They only disappear when a new PC comes along and even then I typically install a few older ones on it. Right now I’ve got 7.5, 8.5, 11 & 12 installed.