Two Very Basic Questions

  • I have a plug in which I can make noises when messing around that I don’t know how to record as midi (not sure if it’s even possible). So I’d like to record the messing around as audio. How do I do that in the most quick and easy way inside Cubase?

  • What is the easiest way to record ONLY the insert effect (not the actual synth, vocal, sample etc) but just the delay, just the distortion etc etc to a new Audio track.

Thanks a lot!

Eh! Surely you have to have source, to able to delay or distort. You can’t distort nothing.


  • You need to map your parameters to a hardware MIDI knob, enable the track automation writing and apply the messing around real time while recording.

  • You can use your effect 100% wet or send it as a post-fx to another bus and record it.

Lol yeah if I was trying to record the effects of nothing I might need help from other places than the steinberg forum!

Ok I see. It’s just that I can’t figure out even what the parameters would be, if they are even possible to write.
But anyway, what is the easiest way to just record the audio coming from one track (without there having to be anything written on it) onto an Audio track?

Cool, got it regarding the “ghost”-effect! Thanks!

Create a new bus in vst connections. Do not assign it to any physical outputs.

Route the noise producing channel to this bus. create a new audio track and set this bus as the input.
Arm record/ turn monitor on.

Grim, thanks so much, finally I got it!!