Two voiced anacrusis

Has anyone found a way to add a rest to a 2-voiced anacrusis?
I would like the rest to show but, even if I add a second voice and then delete it, the rest vanishes again.

I attach a Sibelius (sorry!) example and 2 Dorico ones to show what happens when the note is deleted …
2 voices visible.png
2 voices.png

Dorico doesn’t want to show the rest because, as far as it’s concerned, the voice hasn’t yet started.

The obvious solution is to set the caret under the B anacrusis, use V to select the correct voice, hit O (for Force Duration), comma (,) to turn on rest input, 5 for a quaver/eighth and then Y (or any note name from A to G) to type a rest.

It’s much quicker to do it than it is to write it out!

It works fine here. If you have a note there, don’t delete it, input a rest in its place.

Many thanks for both suggestions - saved a lot of manual searching!
Both work perfectly.

Thank you very much for this explanation!
Best, Max

It still feels wrong, having to force a correct notation! I would prefer, if I could control the rest with the start voice property of the first note in voice 2.

If you are notating for two instruments (which the necessity of a rest in the second voice suggests) then perhaps condensing is the more idiomatic syntactic solution.

I’m fairly confident it’s for guitar, for which polyphonic writing is very idiomatic. I can understand the need for the anacrusis rest.


Indeed; any polyphonic instrument would find this perfectly normal. At least in any tradition (organ & lute, for instance) which are accustomed to accounting for all voices throughout the piece.