Two voices. Pickup note. Rest in Voice 1

Hello. I am in 2/4. There is a quarter note pickup. I want a quarter rest in Voice 1 on the pickup and a quarter note in Voice 2. I cannot seem to achieve this. All help appreciated.

You need first to be in note input, then switch to Voice 2, then Force Duration (O), Rest Mode (comma), and then press 6, and any letter A-G.

@dan_kreider That gives me a rest in voice 2 and the note in voice 1. But doing the opposite got me there. Sorry for any confusion. Thank you.

Oops, quite so. Carry on!

@dan_kreider HAHA! Thanks. I now have a similar problem. In a 3/4 bar I would like a whole rest in Voice 1 and a quarter note and two quarter rests in Voice 2. I cannot seem to make the whole rest appear - only a dotted half rest. Any ideas appreciated.

Shift-B, rest, Enter.

Thanks. Perfect. Will crawl back into the copying dungeon now.