Two weeks in .... I'm totally sold on C7 :-)

I can’t be alone.

I’m just totally sold on C7, I can’t stand looking at the 6.5 mixer … it’s just so “last century”
C7 feels like 21st century tech to me.

It’s like “hello people” … the Quick Link system is just fantastic.
I leave it on and at any point select grab a few channels and EVERYTHING is linked - including every parameter of any inserted plugin, it’s just useful beyond words.

Zones. Love zones. I’m anchoring my most adjusted channels like Lead Vox and Bass to the left and they stay there. Simple. Elegant. Brilliant.

Text search for everything - like how did I work without it

The list is to long for a forum post.

Even though I’ve played jazz piano for 25 years, I’m finding the Chord Track so useful and great for random stuff to jam with and create ideas plus the Vari Audio 2.0 is amazing for quick mock ups of BV’s and get a sense of harmonic fill … quick and very creative.

Happy New Year to all at SB, I can’t even imagine where your taking us in 2013!

As soon as it was announced I called up my local music store to see if there was an upgrade pack.

I understand the bitterness that can result from a short grace period but there is also a benefit to waiting (during which time you can prepare your work and finalize old projects) because let’s face it, it’s not always smooth sailing using a .0.0 release but the compelling fact remains that there are a great many features worth their weight in gold, chord tools being one and the mixer appears to be the start of something truly nice.

One can only hope that work flow improvements will make their way into things such as the inspector, instrument rack and track management because on the whole it is a much faster working methodology and I’d never want to go back now (I spent quite a few days building a new computer in anticipation).