Two Workflow killer in Cubase 12

  1. When i playback one shot samples in the Mediabay it has always a 1 second delay. I dont know how it was in cubase 11 but in cubase 12 it’s very annoying.

  1. The second workflow killer is when i replace a sample (mostly oneshots) in the sampletrack and the AMP Volume changes back to 0.0 db. :skull:
    I mean why??

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Do the images illustrate anything in addition to your text? Maybe use a screenshot program so your images can be easily viewable?

Should i make a 20min youtube video or do you want a PowerPoint presentation for this?


Both would be okay, I guess. But I’d suggest a three-hour TED talk, with you in a black turtleneck, jeans and blazer, on an enormous stage with an upstage wall video screen so gigantic you look, in juxtaposition, like the Lilliputians looked to Gulliver. Just some practical suggestions.

Anyway, your post is clear, even if your jpgs are not.

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If you’re on a PC I’d suggest “Snip & Sketch” that comes with Windows. It makes high quality screen grabs super-easy

win+shift+s for the win :+1:

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Is this the new Adobe forum? :rofl:

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Yes. The forum has been completely rebuilt in Southwestern USA style. Adobe clay only.

By the way, when I preview audio files in the right zone, there’s no delay before the sound starts. We need a way to reproduce the problem to really complain about it. :smiley: Can you shed some light?

I found something out. When I press the sample with the mouse it has a delay, but when i go Up and Down with the key arrow it has no delay. :arrow_up: :arrow_down:

im on osx Big Sur.

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Here’s a random idea, adjust the double-click speed of your mouse in MacOS and see if that alters the delay.

I’m on PC/Win 11 C12 and yeah, there’s a second delay.

And it’s probably not mouse configuration related, cause when I’m quick enough and click the next sample before the playback of the previous has finished, it will be played immediately.
I can go through a bunch of samples, clicking quickly, they all play instantaneous.
As soon as I wait, the next is a second delayed.
Also keyboard up & down play immediately. (edit)


I tested it with battery 4, studio one and fl studio.
The delay is only in cubase.

there is clearly a delay, this is on my system:

Exact same thing on Cubase 11

The first sample you click has a delay and it’s annoying indeed.

Then I use the arrows to avoid this delay, just like you did.

A fix for this would be cool.

Use up and down arrow, if you want to preview it again use enter button, in previous versions you could use enter to replace samples (more info here: Nice trick while browsing and replacing sounds through mediabay on sampler track or groove agent) if you want to assign that enter to another key you can use macro from Jazzius Retrigger Samples in Media Bay - Important! - #10 by Jazzius

The whole point is to use arrow keys instead of mouse. In practice you will scroll and skip some samples and that delay doesn’t play big role than, but if you preview each sample with mouse than it becomes tedious, so i suggest to use keys instead.

P.S I see you are using right zone media bay did you tried an regular one? (F5)
Also previewing samples with tempo sync and other context will introduce delay for sure. That being said try to turn off all icons right next to the volume button of sample preview section.