Nice trick while browsing and replacing sounds through mediabay on sampler track or groove agent

Ok I consider Mediabay as one of the most powerful features in Cubase and its tagging system. However I found very tedious to scroll through samples and than drag and drop to groove agent or sampler track till I find perfect one shot sample. What I accidently discover is you don’t have to drag and drop to replace samples you can just use up and down arrow and hit enter this works on groove agent and sampler track (maybe in halion?). These are the steps:

  1. Open Groove Agent
  2. Open mediabay
  3. Put sample on pad
  4. Drag other sample to replace sample and leave mouse hovering sample container (Note that this you should do once)
  5. use UP and DOWN arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll through samples and when ever you hit the enter it will automaticly replace the sample.

P.S scroll down to get steps for Sampler track
P.SS it works on any instrument(battery, kontakt etc) or area where you can drag and drop from mediabay…Cool :slight_smile:

Is this some hidden feature? Is this stated somewhere in help or somewhere?

Awesome find!

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Nice trick, thanks!

Seems more like a bug than an intentional feature.

I’ve been thinking for a while that it would nice to have previous / next arrows next to the sample name in Halion and Sampler track so you could switch out samples on the fly while the sequencer is running.

I mean, this is something i could do with my Akai S950 back in 1990!

Here’s another useful workaround for auditioning samples in the Media bay (scroll down to my first post):

Nice find!

Thanks for sharing!

Would love for this to be better implemented

p.s. If move cursor from GA to Arrange window and hit Enter it will automatically Add Audio channel and put sample at cursor position, or add sample to curent audio track. something like Draw Tool :smiley:
Works in Battery also.

The point is when u hit Enter it place sample where your mouse cursor is

Anyone else get this working with a Sampler track?’s not working for me.

I’m on Cubase 9.5

If so, could you explain the steps?

As far as i can tell it doesn’t work like in the OP’s video (you can’t drag a sample to the sample container where the text showing the sample’s name is). You have to drag it to the actual area where the sample’s waveform is displayed. If you then hover above the sample container you can indeed use the up/down arrows to select other samples in the Media Bay, but that doesn’t change the sample that’s loaded into Sampler track, and pressing enter (like suggested by the OP) doesn’t do anything either.

To the OP, did you get it working in a Sampler track?

If this is a bug than they should leave that way if they don’t want to implemented it better… Jazzius thx for the retrigger macro tip :slight_smile: here are the steps for sample track:

  1. Load Sample track
  2. Open Media bay drag and drop sample into Sample Track (you have to do this only once)
  3. leave cursor on waveform and use up and arrow keys for scrolling through samples and hit enter to replace it.

Thanks, i got it working!

Merci Steiny, this is one bug we actually like! :wink:

Very nice find!

Why does Steinberg hide such features from us every time?? ))

Very nice trick, but in Mac is not working. :wink:

Hmm, shame for mac :frowning: maybe there is some workaround?

Any word from Steinberg on this?

The bad thing by using this method that loading new sample clears any settings for the sampler / current GA4 pad. So, for example, if AudioWarp was activated, replacing the sample using this method clears the setting and AudioWarp changing to ‘Off’ position. Really, we just only need next/previous sample in folder key command, as well as modifier to keep the settings of the sampler/current GA4 pad and just simple replace the sample.

How you replace sample without losing warp settings than? At last i am happy that this method doesent lose output settings :slight_smile:

Should be implemented for sure

It seems that this is broken in the newest Cubase 10.5**.20** update :frowning:

Such a shame…