TX816 patches to Halion 7 FMLAb - UPDATE patches

Hi! to all Halion users!
I am a proud owner of the TX816 and tried to recreate some of its patches with the help of its Yamaha’s TX816 Performance Notes manual. I used Yamaha’s existing TF libraries. I didn’t use FX to make the patches as close to the original as possible, and the result is very satisfying! I’m giving you three patches to try.
All comments are welcome!
Happy playing!

TX816 ELEC PIANO (factory).vstpreset (45.9 KB)
TX816 FM PIANO (factory).vstpreset (37.9 KB)
TX816 PIANO (factory).vstpreset (37.9 KB)
TX816 CELLOS (factory).vstpreset (53.9 KB)
TX816 CHOIR (factory).vstpreset (57.9 KB)
TX816 ELEC ORGAN (factory).vstpreset (41.9 KB)
TX816 FILTER SYNTH (factory).vstpreset (45.9 KB)
TX816 HORNS (factory).vstpreset (41.9 KB)
TX816 PLUCK SPECIAL (factory).vstpreset (41.9 KB)
TX816 STRINGS (factory).vstpreset (57.9 KB)

In the patches prefixed with (dk) I have used FX.
dk TX816 CELLOS (factory).vstpreset (57.9 KB)
dk TX816 CHOIR (factory).vstpreset (61.9 KB)
dk TX816 ELEC ORGAN (factory).vstpreset (41.9 KB)
dk TX816 ELEC PIANO (factory).vstpreset (45.9 KB)
dk TX816 FILTER SYNTH (factory).vstpreset (49.9 KB)
dk TX816 FM PIANO (factory).vstpreset (41.9 KB)
dk TX816 HORNS (factory).vstpreset (41.9 KB)
dk TX816 PIANO factory.vstpreset (37.9 KB)
dk TX816 PLUCK SPECIAL (factory).vstpreset (49.9 KB)
dk TX816 STRINGS (factory).vstpreset (61.9 KB)