.txt patch name script wanted for Roland JV-1080

Hi List,
I’ve just bought a used JV 1080 with 2 exp. boards: DANCE Expansion Board (SR-JV80-06) + SR-JV80-99 Experience Expansion Board. I work with the Cubase VTS 5.1. released in 2000. I can overwrite the existing script as I have some different user presets in the 1080, but how to I access the Expansion boards? Has anyone a script (.txt) for them or a different one so I could overwrite it as well. Right now I cannot access the EXP Borads with cubase at all.
Your help is greatly appreciated. Txs from germany, Lars H.T. :sunglasses:

…actually I found an .syx file. Any idea how to convert this file into a .txt file ?