Tying a note to a grace note

Is it possible to tie a normal note to a grace note which follows the normal note?

I know it is possible to tie a grace note to a normal note if the grace note precedes the normal note, but it does not seem to work the other way round.

In the first picture, I have tried to tie the two notes in red without success. Even if the group of grace notes is in a different voice, and also by using the Ties section in Properties, it still will not tie them.

In the second picture, I have used an 11:4 tuplet with hidden number and bracket - the quarter note uses the first 4 of the 11 and the 7 “grace notes” use the remainder. The “grace notes”, of course, are normal notes scaled to grace note size. After inputting them I changed them to a different voice because, if they are in the same voice as the quarter note, the first of the “grace note” group enlarges to normal size when it is tied to the note before it.
This method works but does require removing the resulting extra rests plus some manual re-spacing in Engrave mode.

I also tried using this approach but with an open time signature instead of the tuplet. This added time to the bar and needed even more manual editing to remove unwanted rests and to adjust the spacing.

It’s not possible to tie a previous rhythmic note to a following grace note, no.

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Having the same problem here. Also, tieing from a grace to a normal note changes the size of the normal note.

Can this behaviour be changed, please? It is a really common thing to do in contemporary music and is urgently needed.

For the time being you’ll need to employ another approach, e.g. adding rhythmic notes and scaling them to be grace note sized, then tie-ing between the full- and grace note-sized notes.