Tying across voices

I’m really digging Dorico so far, as a long-time Sib 7 user many of the changes are so appreciated.

One issue I’ve run into is the ability to tie across voices, e.g. in piano music. Here’s a specific example.

I’d like the score to look like this:

In Dorico, if the lower note is the last note of a down-stem voice, it’s unable to tie to the lower note of a chord in an up-stem voice in the next bar/beat. So I’m forced to make it look one of these two ways:
Is there a workaround to make it look like the first example above? If not, is there a plan to include this in a future update?


This is a workaround, but you can set the bottom note as voice 2, then force stems up and set voice column to 0. It’ll look like it’s part of the voice 1 chord.

I might be missing something here, but as far as I’m aware it’s entirely possible to do what you want to do without any workarounds at all:

Select the first note.
Cmd/Ctrl-click the second note.
Hit T.

Pianoleo is right, but it might not be obvious this would work, because to tie notes in the same voice you only have to select the first note and hit T - and you might not have even entered the second note yet.

Rather helpfully the manual lists these instructions here: https://steinberg.help/dorico/v1/en/dorico/topics/notation_reference/notation_reference_ties_inputting_non_adjacent_notes_different_voices_staves_t.html?hl=cross-voice%2Cties

Ah, thank you very much pianoleo! This totally worked. Sorry, I guess I wasn’t looking in the right part of the manual! Much appreciated.

Dan, whether you knew or not that it’s totally possible to tie cross-voice notes together or not, it might be worth adding to (page 27 or 28 of) your guide…

In fact I didn’t know it was possible. Just updated it - thanks.

It’s the same thing when tying between two different voices. They must be selected manually via ctrl / cmd clicks. I edit organ editions and I do this umpteen times a day and it always works; it’s just a manual procedure.