Typesetting a children music book solely using Dorico


I am working on a new children’s piano book. The book will be around 50 pages landscape with graphics and notes similar to this page.

We were thinking to typeset the musical notes export each to a .ps ( postscript) file and lay them out in MS word.

But is it possible to do everything inside Dorico?

Thank you in advance.

If it consistently follows that format of
then there’s really no reason you shouldn’t do basically the whole thing in Dorico.

You might find that it’s easier to do the front matter (title page, contents page etc.) in a word processor or desktop publishing program.

P.S. Dorico exports PDFs, PNGs, SVGs and TIFFs. It does not natively support .ps export. To the best of my knowledge, Word cannot import .ps files either. In fact, Word is pretty terrible when it comes to dealing with graphics - even if you import a vector image, Word will immediately convert it to a raster image, meaning that if you stretch/scale it it will likely pixelate. Compare and contrast to e.g. Apple Pages, let alone InDesign or Affinity Publisher, which will happily import a (vector) PDF from Dorico and keep it vectorised.

Great. I was thinking of using Latex. But it seems it is possible to Insert SVG files in a Microsoft Word document now.

Thanks for correcting me - I evidently haven’t looked into it for a few years. It appears that Word on Windows has correctly supported SVGs since 2016 (keeping them as vector images) and Word on Mac has done the same since 2019. What exciting times we’re living in :stuck_out_tongue:

That is alright. You made me think for a few mintues! MS office is pretty sophisticated now (with VSTO, OpenXML). Then I did a search!