Typing in Tempo Markings

I’m sorry if this has already been covered, but I’m struggling to get the flexibility I’d like with the tempo indications. My preference, for whatever reason, is to include the metronome marking in parentheses after the written text, and I also like to include either “c.” (for circa) before the number or a tempo range. (I’ve attached an image of what I’m talking about, just so there’s no confusion.) From what I can tell, Dorico will permit me to type something like this into the tempo popover — Freely (q=c.63) or Freely (q=63-66) — but the parentheses don’t appear correctly, the tempo range doesn’t appear correctly, and the presence of the “c.” seems to keep the “q” from appearing as a quarter note. Am I missing something, or is this simply not supported in the current version of Dorico?

Thanks for your help.
Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 8.59.02 PM.png

Here’s a screenshot showing how to create this tempo marking, using the properties panel at the bottom. I didn’t know you could make tempo ranges: in the tempo range box at the bottom right, you type in your first number, then your second number - and voila!

I’m not sure why the Tempo properties at the bottom say “63.0001” - that’s probably some computer rounding error thing, I’ve seen this in Max as well.