Tyros 5

Cubase 10.5 Pro works nicely using the Tyros 5 as a midi keyboard and or with the Tyros 5 internal sounds…In Line out, on the right of the Mixing Console, just click the up ARROW TO SUB 3-4 AND YOUR TYROS 5 PLAYS ALL OF THE HALION INSTRUMENTS as a standalone Midi Keyboard…you will have to add FX effects to that audio track…the Tyros 5 will not do it for you. Using the Tyros 5 internal sounds, you need to click the down ARROW to Aux Out on the right side. I am using an Yamaha AG-06 mixer - USB in to my Windows 10 Computer. Vocals from the Tyros 5 need a separate Bus to be set up - Stereo preferred in Audio Settings. So far I like what I’m seeing except for a screen issue on the time line when a Halion Instrument is added to a track. The time line flutters around - no stability to edit…Cubase 10.5 Version 68