Tyros drummaps in Cubase 10

Hi everyone, I’ve got the Tyros 3 and Cubase 10 Pro. I recorded a Style from Tyros 3 in a Miditrack (channel set on ‘any’) and dissolved the track in several tracks for each instrument. In the Midi Device Manager in Cubase I’ve selected the Yamaha Tyros 3 from the list.
After that I could select for each track in the inspector from that track the originele Tyros 3 sounds in the program selector.
(In the Tyros I could find which sounds it had to be)
All sounds went well except the drumkits. (In this case on midichannel 10 and percussion on midichannel 9)
In the Style that I had chosen was a drumkit used with the name PopLatinKit.
I could find that name in the list in the program selector but it gives not the right sounds as in the Tyros. I hear the wrong instruments.
I tried different kits from Tyros out of the program selector but with the same result… Can anybody help please to get the right sounds?
Thank you so much! Kind regards, Harald