u-he ace semi-modular synth; nice.

just bought u-he ACE. is a semi-modular analogue type synth, with patch cords. only been playing with it for a few hours, but it’s excellent. great and diverse presets to get started with. i’m finding the gui for patching cords a bit confusing so i guess i must read the pdf. you can get a demo on their page. 64 bit version available but the install is a 2 stage process. do the 32/64 bit separately. ed

found a good youtube tutorial. once i sussed a couple of points, it all made sense. now i’m flying and making some very nice/nasty sounds! :slight_smile:

Yeah, u-he makes good stuff. I’ve used Zebra for a few years and it is also tremendous. Let us know what you find out as time goes by? :slight_smile:

Yeah I read a review about it, it looks great and sounds excellent. Only niggle they had was that it required a fair bit of processing power IIRC. Do you notice any of that?

yes, even the manufacturers say that it is a cpu hog. you can select 4 different quality settings though. i’ve mostly been using it on my 3 year old dual core celeron laptop. on there the cpu hit can be extreme. moving to lower quality setting lets me experiment. not tried it enough yet on my studio i7 pc, but will report back. definitely worth getting if you like the art of making your own sounds (or just using the crazy, top notch presets).ed