U222 USB Interface not working with MacOs 12.1?

Hi, I’m trying to connect my UR22 Audio Interface but I’m not able to. Tried installing every driver possible still solution. Tried with my old laptop with Win 10 & its working fine don’t know what’s wrong the USB Led Indicator is continuously blinking. Please help with some solution !

I’m using MacBook Pro 14 M1Pro Chip (2021)

I have noted there is quite a few issues with a blinking light and the UR22 over the years. I’m not sure what the solution is. These search results point back to a lot of threads here:

What you have indentifed does sound Mac specific though. Hopefully some others can offer some advice.

You could also try contacting Apple Support too.

Worth a go, especially if you are using all the correct drivers and it runs fine on Windows:

BTW did you go through this whole thing here?