UA Apollo plugins not working right on Cubase 6.5

Hi all,

I’m using Cubase 6.5 on a MacBook Pro Retina. My audio interface is Universal Audio Apollo.

Im having a strange problem while using UAD plugins within Cubase on my dry tracks. Basically the track sounds like its distorting, out of key, slowed down and warped (I don’t know how to explain it but basically its not sounding correct). I tried the MXR flanger and Roland Chorus as both either insert or send. Things are fine when I use Cubase plugins. What do you think could be causing this?

I’ll try record a video of it tonight and update this post but in the mean time, any hints, tips, advice will be great. Thanks

Additional info
a) Running Cubase as 32 bit
b) I have installed the latest drivers from UA…


Try to increase Buffer Size settings of your UAD Apollo.

Sorry. I found out what the problem was. Audio was in 192K sample rate. The plugin works fine when audio is in 96K sample rate. My question is now why make an interface that supports up to 192K sample rate but is unable to use its own plugins at that rate?

I guess this is closed. Thank you everyone that took the time to look and reply.

Was your audio stream, project settings and apollo all at the same sample rate? If not, that spells tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick KABOOM!!!

I don’t know from experience!!! :mrgreen:

Hi Rizalkhan,

I heard Apollo was cool because it gives you the alternative to record through the UAD plugins without audible latency, before entering the DAW realm. I believe this is done by inserting the plugins in the input channels through a virtual mixer or control panel.

Maybe the plugins work normally in 192k in this situation? I’ve never seen Apollo out of the internet, so I’m just guessing here… could you try that to see if that’s an option?

Dear all,

I did more research after all your comments. Seems I misunderstood the whole thing and that UAD Plugins are indeed capable at 192Khz. I think I need to increase the buffer size to above 512 and see. I will try tonight. Thanks for the feedback

Apollo runs without latency if you run plugins before it goes into DAW. However, I like to record all my parts dry and then add the effects later (only effects I record are distortion). So that is why I need to use the plugins inside the DAW (in my case Cubase). I do use plugins as a monitoring tool when am playing around with sounds from my synths or drum machines. I am sure most of you work the same way I do.

I am happy with the Apollo. I just wished it had more than 8 line inputs but for now it works fine for me without having to unhook anything.

But yes, for those of you that are interested - if you had the chance to try one, please do. Apart from Apogee, Universal Audio is right up there. UA is better I feel because of their world class plugins.