UAD-1 plug-ins/UAD-2 solo card/Cubase 7.5.10

Hi -

Has anyone transferred their UAD-1 plug-ins to their UAD-2 solo card and run them on Cubase 7.5 (or 7.5.10)?

I’m wondering if I would need to run the 32-bit version of Cubase to do that (since the plug-ins are 32-bit), or will it work using the 64-bit version of Cubase 7.5.10 (with some kind of wrapper?)?

The new rig I am looking at unfortunately does not have a PCI slot :frowning: , so my previous plans of continuing using my UAD-1 card (and not having to buy a UAD-2 solo) have fallen by the wayside.

Thanks for any thoughts/experiences to share!

I’ve not transferred any plugs from a UAD1 card as i’ve never had one but i do have a UAD2 quad and solo in my machine and they both perform wonderfully!

You can transfer your plugins from your UAD1 card to your UAD2 solo from your UA account and they should work just fine!.. unless you have Nigel of course which the UAD2 is unable to run…
pertinent question on UA forum…

and YES they’re ALL available in 64Bit flavour too :wink:
although as far as i’m aware there’s a bug with the Ampex/cubase which UA are aware of…


Thank you, matjones!

You wouldn’t know off-hand whether I will need to run Cubase in 32 bit mode to use the plugs I transferred over from UAD-1 to UAD-2, would you?

If you’re running the spec in your signature then why not just use the 32bit versions?
i think it’s possible to use the 64bit versions in cubase 32bit if you bridge them but i’m on a totally 64bit system so i’m not too sure…

if you’re running a fully 64bit system then just use the 64bit UAD plugs… unless of course you have nigel…

Thanks, matjones!

Sorry, I didn’t make clear … the specs in my sig will be outdated when I get my new 64-bit rig. Unfortunately it will not have a PCI slot, so I’m trying to map out the details of transferring and using from the UAD-1 to the UAD-2. I’d like to save money and not have to buy the 64-bit plugs (for example, the Fairchild and Plate 140 are not provided free in the UAD-2 card, I’d have to pay $250-$350+ to get the 64-bit versions of just these two alone).

So I’m wondering if, when I bring the 32-bit plugs over to my new 64-bit system, will I be able to run Cubase in 64-bit mode? Or will I have to drop it down to 32-bit mode every time I want to use them?

The legacy versions you mention ALL come with 64Bit versions so if you transfer your plugs to your new account you should get the 64bit versions by default… you’ve paid for the plugins already so as far as i’m aware you SHOULD be able to use them with the UAD2… the updated versions of the plugins you mention are completely different versions, i think you’re getting the wrong end of the stick possibly here…
i have the original UAD fairchild which runs on both the uad1 and uad2 platforms and that comes in 32 and 64bit flavours… as do ALL UAD2 plugins…
so… if you install BOTH cards in your current machine and assign them both to the same system in your UA account now or before you put it in your new rig, when you transfer the UAD2 to your new machine you’ll be golden innit!!! :wink:

If you’re still unsure why not contact UA support…


Thanks Matt, I have sent in an email to them -

Appreciate your help!

EDIT: SPOKE with UAD tech support - all plug-ins from the UAD-1 can be “X-Graded” to 64-bit on the new UAD-2 solo, all for free, and they will appear with the new GUI associated with UAD-2.

Can’t beat that! (oh, and everything will be 64-bit, nothing 32-bit needed at all as far as UAD is concerned!).