UAD-2 powered plugins not appearing in 8.5

Bonjour Philippe,

I’m trying to get my UAD plugs to appear in WL 8.5.
For some reason, they’re simply not there.
I’ve pointed to them, adding the folder in WL.
I’ve forced WL to re-initialyze when booting up and I see the plugs as WL is booting up.
But once it’s open, the plugs are simply not there.

Can you help?

Maybe you run WaveLab 32 bit with UAD 64 bit plugins, or the inverse?

WL 8.5 (64) on Windows 7 64
They work on WL 6 and 7

There’s no ‘VST’ folder in the plug ins in WL 8.5… Not sure why.

I’ll keep on trying different things.

Merci… Bonne soirée

Bon, je n’y arrive vraiment pas.

Latest UAD 7.11 (64)
I tried pointing it to a new folder with all the DLL in them. Didn’t work.
I’m just not certain what to try next. I’ve been pretty good at fixing these types of problems in the past 20 years or so.
I’ve created a new folder in Steinberg/VST plugins/UAD. Copied all the DDL files there.
When I force WL to check for plugs, I see all my plugs go by in ‘Checking plug-ins’. But to no avail.
I’m missing a whole slew of plugs in WL 8.5. My Slate plugs are also missing yet they appear when WL loads.

Thoroughly stumped.

UAD 7.11 64-bit and WL 8.5.20 64-bit is loading properly on OSX 10.9.5

Windows confuses me so I can’t be of help there.

In the Plugin settings dialog, there is an option to see if the plugins are found but could not be loaded:

Yes indeed there is… and they’re all in there!

How do I get them loaded in Wavelab?

If you see them, that means WaveLab found them but failed to load them.

Whether there are included in the Exclusion list, by mistake (check it, in the same dialog).
Else recheck that you are uysing WaveLab 64 bit with UAD 64 bit (because 95% of the time, this is the reason of the situation you encounter).

Else, some files are UAD missing on your system. That is, the UAD plugins can’t find a file they need, and fail to load. This might happen if you moved the plugins, or did not installed them with the standard procedure.

Not in the exclusion list.
WL 8.5.20 (just re-installed now)
UAD 7.11 (just re-installed now) Not sure if it’s 64 'cause there’s only one download option.
All my Slate Digital and PM plugs, as well as Kontakt, URS, SSL plugs are in there as well.
They all work great in Nuendo, WL 6-7 …
Should i install WL8.5 32?

Tks for your help BTW :slight_smile:

I guess that was it.
I installed WL 32bit and voilà… Over 500 plugs are now accessible.
Nuendo is running at 64 and everything’s fine.

It works now!

Merci Phillippe. Désolé de t’avoir dérangé… :slight_smile:

One more thing… Is there a way to get Wavelab 6 presets into 8.5?
(for mastering purposes…)


One more thing… Is there a way to get Wavelab 6 presets into 8.5?

It is possible to import Master Section presets. There is a function for this in the Master Section Settings Menu.

Fabulous. Merci Phillippe.