UAD - 64 bit plugins

At long last!

I just updated/upgraded, no problems at all!
The process was easy, just ran the updater which automatically updated the 32bit plugs as well (for my Wavelab 32bit in C:\Program Files (x86)\Universal Audio) and installed the new 64bit ones to a new folder in C:\Program Files\Universal Audio

Nice to able to use the scroll wheel for adjustments… :slight_smile: .


yes then spend the next hour deleting all the demos a real PITA

deleting the demos? I don’t follow.

Sometimes I think people would be bitch if you gave them a million dollars because a couple of the bills were wrinkled.

If there are only a couple of authorized plugins in a system, it can be really hard to hit the “real” ones among all the “demo only” entries in the list. I guess that’s why he wants to “delete the demos”.

What solution would you suggest if I want to get a shorter dropdown list?
Is it better to delete each plug-in I don’t/can’t actually use, or should I just put them in a subfolder until they might be authorized?

You can deactivate (untick) the plugins you don’t want to see, in Devices > Plug-in Information, inside Cubase.


Thanks a lot, Mauri!


Right off the bat I like my UAD plugs. but I can’t afford very many… so yes I do have a short list. what really bothers me is that I don’t have an option but to install all the demos onto my computer. If some other software company gave no option to download software you don’t want onto your computer I would think people would not like it either. I am all for demos. Just give me the option. that is all … have a great day ;-}

On the UAD forum there is a guy who made a plugin mover utility. I use this to organize the plugs. I put the ones I don’t have licenses to in a demo folder. That way if I wan’t to try one, they are right there. The plugin mover utility makes getting them setup consistently from release to release a breeze.