UAD Apollo / VST connections settings

Hi all,

I am currently setting up my brand new Apollo X4, and I don’t see the 2 HP physical output the interface has in Cubase VST connection and wonder if that’s normal. I wanted to set headphone via the control room.

Let me know

In the Apollo console settings, enable virtual channels, then i to see them on the console.
These virtual channels will show up in Cubase, and in Apollo Console, they can be fed to the Apollo cue, etc.
I use 3 virtual channels- CB Control Room Out ( via CB Studio Speaker Out )
CB Program bus, and CB click ( via CB Studio send, w/o mix ).

Got it.
I understand your CB Control Room out and CB Click but what is the CB Program bus?
So basically you don’t use the Cubase “Phone” bus available in the output setting of the control room, right?

I wonder if this Phone output is actually totally useless when using a UAD audio interface & Console, or If i’m missing something.