UAD ATR-102 Animation

Anyone running the UAD ATR-102 Tape plugin? For some reason the Tape reels don’t animate in Wavelab 8.5, but the Waves Kramer tape plug does. Any thoughts?

thanbks - Drew

Yes, no reel movement for me either with the UAD ATR-102.

I hadn’t noticed because I usually have used this plugin before I bring files into Wavelab, and even then, my default is set to show the controls first rather than the reels.

To me this is not really an issue but an interesting observation

  1. 2 different companies and different code bases, so the fact that one animation works and the other doesn’t is irrelevant.
  2. the animation shouldn’t affect the sound, and to any extent that it does, it shouldn’t exist.
  3. while it clearly does exist, it seems like a pretty silly, counter-productive feature to me (consumes DSP, delivers potentially negative sonic value in that DSP consumed by animation is DSP not available to Grand Central). YMMV (unless you have a Mac, you don’t have Grand Central, so effects on video memory and DSP may not matter to many users).

Remember that while UAD relies on it’s own hardware for sound processing, the animation shares resources with your DAW’s other graphic elements and actual useful features, like clocks, counters, scrolling displays, etc.