UAD Console and Cubase

Hello the Alps, have you figured out how to route Cubase to the UAD console. Their tech. support shutdown right after I purchased my Apollo X6. Also, when I change from Cubase using the CMD/Tab key to change to the Console, Cubase stops tracking. What am I doing wrong? Ive watched the Youtube videos although no one directs me on how to work with Console and Cubase. Im almost sorry I purchased the UAD device.

I can’t help with the UAD, but I would post this in the main Cubase forum. More people will see it there and you should get an answer quicker, and it is Cubase related.

Is release ASIO driver while Cubase running in background enabled?

Why do you need both programs? Both offer similar functionality for recording.

They (UA) still have support.

In Cubase pick the ASIO UA Thunderbolt Driver under studio set up, Add a track, turn off monitoring on the track, pick the input from whatever name you use in Console I/O matrix for the input channel. I use Control Room- set the main monitors to Monitor L and R. In Console, make sure your input isn’t muted and you should be good.

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