UAD driver not seen in Windows 10 Cubase 12 elements

Cubase does not see a driver in the Studio setup > Audio System > Asio driver drop-down menu. It just says “No Driver”.
I have checked that the driver works with other apps/Youtube etc. No issues there.
I downloaded Asio4All driver and that was seen in the drop-down menu. Not what I need though.
Checked Device Manager in Windows and the UAD drivers look fine there too.
Reinstalled Cubase and UAD. No change.
In Audio Connections it says the audio device is not connected and the device ports are missing even though it shows that it can see them. ( “Missing: MIC/LINE/HIZ1”, for example. )
Has anyone come across this particular issue? I am new to the forum but could not find a thread that covers it.

Which UAD device?
My Apollo USB just works.

It’s an Apollo solo USB. Mine worked perfectly until yesterday and I can’t think that I have done anything different to cause the issue.

Can you provide a screenshot of the drop-down menu and the Studio setup?
What is Console showing?

Other apps use a different driver model.
WASAPI, WDM or Direct Sound.
And for basic functionality there is no dedicated driver necessary.

there is nothing on the dropdown menu except " No Driver"

The UAD console looks normal except the green band around the monitor dial is flashing. I don’t recall that happening before. The mic into the Console is working and I can hear it, with a reverb patched in, in my headphones

Have you done an update to the software or a Windows update?

I reinstalled Cubase and UAD software to see if it would help. It didn’t.

And you did a reboot of the PC?

Yes. I restarted.

An update. I deleted Cubase preferences.
Originally, I had not fully read the advice by UAD to manually delete its drivers using Windows Device Manager. Instead of using Windows uninstaller, which is known to leave remnants, I used the free version of Revo Uninstaller to uninstall UAD software. Afterwards I checked and UAD drivers had been deleted. I then reinstalled the UAD software.
I restarted Cubase and could see the UAD driver and all worked fine
I suspect it was the UAD software which caused the issue but can’t be sure because, on the surface, Windows reported that the UAD drivers were working properly. I’ll update this thread in the event of further issues on this.
Thanks for your help.

Mine did that. I turned it on and off again and fiddled with the cable and it worked in end. It was like Cubase 12 had to get used to Apollo.

Shiva, I did consider the cable issue because my PC is old, and thought maybe the USB port contact was loose but the UAD interface responded to an audio input so assumed it was OK. I had to uninstall UAD Plugins app a second time and it then worked. Will see if I get into any further trouble with it.

Hopefully it will stay repaired. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: