UAD GUI frozen

Hi Folks,
After having used UAD 7 + Wavelab 7 for almost a year flawlessly, today I booted up and none of the UAD plugins respond. I can open WL fine and all other plugins work normally. But when I load a UAD plugin, it pops up as normal with the GUI but nothing responds. I cannot turn any knobs or do anything else. The audio essentially bypasses the plugin and continues through the effects chain. It never occurred to me before that when most of your effects are one platform and that platform crashes you’re left with an empty effects rack…

Anyone have any suggestions in getting UAD plugins running in WL. I’ve already tried re-installing WL7 and UAD without any luck. I’m running WL 7.2 on Mac 10.68

No clue, maybe erase the WaveLab 7 preferences:
/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/WaveLab 7/

Thanks PG!
That did the trick.
much thanks.