UAD Lexicon 224 now released.....

Sorry for such a fanboy post, but I bought this one immediately - I don;t have a hardware unit to compare to, but this sure sounds sweet - and it has the chorus algo, as well as 8 others from the 4.4 software of the original.

Absolutely stonking reverb.

I just checked out the plugin as a demo on my Quad for two hours or something. Well… I wouldn’t second your opinion that it is a no-brainer.

  1. It does sound different to the original unit, which you can immediately hear in the video. At some points UA points out that they just copied the real algorithms, but why then would they show spectral analyzers to give a proof ?
  2. Admittedly, it sounds very good. As many many plugins do. Even some freeware stuff. Since we are old fashioned guys, we make our Kudos when names like 224 are told, and we find it cool to have it for 300USD. But I have an idea why Lexicon decided to support UA here, since it actually IS old fashioned. They will never sell a 224 again. It’s not avail since long time. There is a reason…
  3. This is no UA bashing. They make cool stuff more often than not. The MANLEY PASSIVE is outstanding, and I doubt anyone can hear the difference to the original. The same is true for the PULTEQs and loads of other stuff.

That being said, yeah, it’s funny to have the L224 here for almost no money. But that IMHO well reflects what it’s worth today.

PS: After fiddling around with it for another hour, one thing is really cool. The Pitch adjust. Still no no-brainer, but worth the money if you have no problem with spending 350USD for “another, good though” reverb.

At some points UA points out that they just copied the real algorithms, but why then would they show spectral analyzers to give a proof ?

They’ve copied the algorithms, but modeled the A/D D/A circuitry, I think that’s what they’re showing with the 'scopes.

Personally, I find the 224 very dated sounding (real or modeled). It’s a long way short of a 224XL and the last time I came across one in a studio, I tried it, then hired in a 480L. However, at $350 I’m tempted - just for the sake of nostalgia.

Am I missing something? I couldn’t find audio examples.

You can hear some samples in the 224 video.
And there is a difference in sound…

I am not sure, yet, what to think of it. I’ll test it sometimes this week.
Emulations of 12 bit convertors are usually not what I am after. I’d loved to see a 480 plug, though.
If possible in 5.1.

Old or not, dated or not, it still sounds great & defined a decade.
For exactly these reasons, some folks buy the SSL channel emulations, the Neve ones, the Pultecs etc.
That sound still works for me, and it’s a great addition to have. No, you cannot buy a new 224 any longer but according to every gear list site they cannot get enough 200, 224, 300, 480 & 960 units.
They sell for close to $3,000 (well, the XL ones do) and we get it here for $350.

For a 480, BigK, pop over to Relab & try the 480Lite there. Great reverb, sounds totally different to the 224.
Only Random Hall algos (4 of them) so far, but more supposedly coming.

Yeah in mp3 quality :frowning:
But I agree, I heard a difference as well.

+1… Yes,… again presented in less than possible quality.
At some point in the future they will present audio gear with pictures only, I guess…
Who needs to know how it sounds as long a it looks good… a nice GUI, a cool front plate does the trick.

I suggest all to read this article:
and then… throw ya MP3 stuff away and never present your music to pro audio audience on compressed media, again.
Obviously, the uncompressed audio we all use, is bad enough. This essay of Ralf Koschnicke was shown to us by Paul Lentzen of SPL at during a discussion about the advantage of 120 Volt rail gear.

Me ( still a wishful thinker…)


BTW, have you seen the Steven Wilson documentary “Insurgentes”, with it’s myriad of ways to kill an iPod?
(including but not limited to: Shooting, burning, welding torch, running over, sledgehammered and mulched :smiley: )
Apparently, people were even sending their iPods to Steven so he could kill them… :confused:

Nah, I always put them in a nice Pod and give them plenty of water and manure.
Sorrily, I never got one blooming and I usually have a way with electric stuff.

I don’t own one piece of gear from Apple nor Avid… and I hate having to admit that I own Waves…
But then, I am old, bent and feeble-minded… getting stranger by the minute… gahgahgahgah…
I consider Stevens film as valid manual to “how to treat i-Pods” and extend this to i-Phones and i-Pads.
I would show it regularely in schools and Kindergardens.

Are we undermining the draconic forum rules, already?? I hope, I don’t get spanked… Ouch!!
Nuendo is lovely, I love Nunedo, Nuendo is unique, Nuendo is my bed bunny, Nuendo is my light and my only joy in life…
I shall not have another DAW besides Nuendo.