UAD-Like (less load) solutions?

You mean like the Muse Receptor?

Yeah, I was thinking Receptor when I read the question. However, Receptor is external. I don’t know of an internal solution.

Oh, he is talking about PCI-e SSD cards. They don’t go through the MBs controller so they get theoretically the full bandwidth of the buss. It’s just a hard drive served by PCI-e instead of the various built in types like IDE or SATA varients.

That’s not what UAD does though, unless I’m completely unaware of what it is :wink:

Winner winner chicken dinner!

The cards being shown by FXpansion are just PCIe SSD hard drives. They would let BFD/Eco load samples fast. Wouldn’t help CPU or RAM at all.

Receptor is an external, custom built, highly modified PC, that is a plugin host environment that DOES offload CPU and RAM, but has some other short comings, not least of which is cost.

UAD cards, VST developed with a custom SDK on specialized chips. Offloads lots of CPU and RAM and is currently the best copy protection dongle going :stuck_out_tongue:

vienna ensemble pro let you use external computer (for vsti & vst) and when you save a song on your main computer (daw) each external computer template are save too ! for 200€

Does the Receptor now offer SSD?

Solid State Drive … hard drives with no moving parts. Very fast throughput, especially for reading a disk. Which happens to be what sample players like BFD need.

However, it is still simply a HD drive. But instead of plugging it into the IDE, SATA or external USB ports on your Motherboard, in the case of the devices you posted, it is PCIe card with the HD built into it. It is still nothing more than a hard drive. It will show up with a drive letter and you will treat it exactly the same as any other HD.

Thanks for that link, I had not met this type of host before, only Receptor and its variants. :sunglasses: