UAD multiband compressor sluggishness

I very often mix my rhythm tracks before additional musicians come in to perform overdubs and one plugin I use on my rhythm tracks is the UAD multiband compressor. I have been employing direct recording as of late so that I can have a higher latency setting and run my computer more smoothly while giving the performer zero latency.

What I’m finding is that the higher latency settings create a sluggishness in Nuendo as far as transport functions go when utilizing the UAD multiband compressor. I’m not using it on any of my overdub tracks but it is often utilized on a few of my pre recorded rhythm track inserts and is present on those tracks while I am recording the additional tracks.

I can freeze the audio tracks but not the group or plug in output tracks so the “freeze” option is not viable in this situation.

My best guess is that Nuendo requires a lot of calculations to keep up with the automatic delay compensation and that at the higher latency settings there is more to calculate.

The transport sluggishness adds a layer of frustration when trying to keep up with the performers.

Is there a work around?

The issue is on the UAD side-- the Precision Multiband adds a LOT of latency. I have never tried it in “live” mode, or whatever it’s called… but that may make a difference. But it has to do with the amount and kind of processing inside the UAD device.


Well, … the ADC has never put any noticeable strain on my sytems.
It compensates any latency introduced by plugs extremely well.
It should be the UAD processing that makes its calculation of the single bands in interdependence.

M2c… Don’t use such an interacting plug.
I am very happy with the single bands, since they won’t be part of the final mix.
Those produce much smaller delays. Together with a swift converter we get very agreeable
low latencies for the musicians headphones, e.g.

Big K

I too can get low latencies without straining my system. The problem for me is in the behavior of the transport, which becomes sluggish at low latencies, this behavior specifically caused by the multi band compressor. When working with musicians and singers who can perform quickly and efficiently, the sluggishness slows the work flow.

The reasons for extra latency are pretty extensively described on the UAD website.


I know the reasons and I love their plugins and it’s not a game changer for me. I just wish there were a workaround for this.

Have you tried the “Livetracking” mode?

Was just mentioning the site as a direct source of understanding why the latency exists, as it had been conjectured earlier in the thread. :slight_smile:


I’m not familiar with it but I will look it up and give it a try. Thank you.