UAD Octo Thunderbolt and Cubase 8


Anyone using a UAD external Thunderbolt device with cubase 8 via thunderbolt?

I am thinking of getting one to offload some CPU, i have a newer IMAC 3.4 i7 quad and 32 gigs ram and 1 TB internal SSD but some projects are getting close

u already have a few thunderbolt devices daisychained so i am wondering if the UAD needs to be first? or if its ok at the end or middle of a thunderbolt chain to the Imac?

i have an apple monitor and 2 Thunderbolt Hard Drives connected now

thanks for any help

My setup is as follows: macmini -> caldigit T3 -> LG 34UC97 -> UAD sattelite TB octo -> UAD twin duo. Works like a charm!

Compared to the total TB bandwidth (TB1 = 1.2GB/s), audio doesn’t use very much. For example, 100 channels x 4 bytes (32bit floating) x 44,100 samples/sec = 18MB/s.

While TB uses PCIe channels, multiple data streams are multiplexed on them, so no one peripheral gets a dedicated PCIe channel. I am not sure if that scheme prevents data hogs from affecting streams to other peripherals, so be wary of high-burst rate peripherals like RAID0 boxes.


thanks all!

sounds good then and i am looking forward to trying this out. i have WAVES and others, and i like the cubase ones to, but with my workflow now a loaded project can get to 80% or higher it looks like

one last question, is this stable and is there any latency?

oh, and i know with an apollo you can track thru the plugs, can you do this with one of these?can you assign a UAD plug to your insert on an input latency free? and record thru the plug?


It’s very stable, don’t worry about a thing… I run it alongside my mr816csx as an aggregated device on my mac (haven’t managed to slave my MR to the apollo via ADAT yet). The setup is rock solid. I can track with with plugins without noticable latency since all the processing all happens in the hardware itself

thanks Mikula!

looks like one in my near future

appreciate it all!