UAD PCIe card plugins not showing in cubase on M1 Pro chip

I cant find the info in FAQ.

Just bought a new mac pro 14" m1 Pro . I have a UAD PCIe enclosed in OWE Pcie Thunderbolt 4/ 3 Enclosure. The UAD software console is showing as active and plugins are installed. However they are showing as VST3 in Ableton Live running in native M1 silicon and useable. BUT NOT in Cubase 12 Pro. What am I doing wrong? Or are they not supported yet in Cubase 12 on M1 chip? Sorry if this has been asked before… Bugging the pants out of me.

It’s been a while since we’ve used UAD but my understanding is that the DSP plugins have never been converted to VST3. I’m not sure if Ableton is using some sort of wrapper but if these plugins present to Cubase 12 as VST2, then they will not be supported on native M1.

Thanks, you are indeed correct they only run in Cubase 12 with Rossetta 2. To UAD or NOT to UAD hmmmm. Kind of don’t need them inside Cubase as the stock plugins are so dam good.

I am trying to avoid using UADs in newer projects but yeah all the previous projects with UAD need cubendo run on rosetta2.
Good thing is that their native version - UADx includes apple silicon native vst3 support. They are slowly porting old UAD plugins to native, I doubt all of them will be ported, though. I still need several more UAD plugins I regularly use to be ported.
In addition, UAD vst2 and UADx vst3 hold different VSTIDs, which means the instances in old projects will be lost even if the equivalent exists on UADx. So we should keep a pc/mac in this era intact for coming years, that will be quite hard.

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