UAD Plugin release bug

I am finding that when I mute a clip with a UAD plugin it’s not releasing the resourced with in WL10.

Any ideas about this bug?


This is normal. Bypassing does not mean “not processing”. This means “discarding the processed signal”. This is done so, in order to have no interruption when A/B comparing.

I thought when you checked the DYN box in the plugins settings it would release the resources? No?

Yes, but this is unrelated to the Bypass state. When the clip is not played (with a margin of about 2 seconds before/after), the plugin processing is stopped (and then resources should be recovered).

Got it.

If I bypass the plugin or mute the track the resources are not recovered.

It stays at the same DSP usage even after much more than 2 seconds.

I’ve attached how I am muting or bypassing.

Am I missing something? Or doing it incorrectly?

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 8.39.19 PM.png

You showing Master Section effects, not clip effects. Only clip effects are concerned by the DYN setting.

I guess I am confused… Am I not putting the plugins where they need to be?

I’ve attached two screenshots, one with the UAD plugin running and the other bypassed in what I thought was a clip plugin chain. The DSP doesn’t change.

Is this how it’s supposed to function?

Thanks so much for your patience PG!

If the playback cursor is out of the plugin “range + 2 seconds” and a UAD plugin is attached to that clip, then that clip should not consume CPU. That does not depend on the Bypass states.

Ahh. I get it now.

Would be great to add a checkbox in the prefs to allow for plugin resource release if the clip is muted or plugin bypassed even when the playback curser is in range.


An on/off option is planned.

So is this technically working as expected then? I haven’t been able to test it myself and I haven’t been using much UAD lately to really notice if there was a regression.

I am not sure if it’s supposed to be working this way. But I need to work out a different workflow as my resources get eaten up too quickly this way. Until this feature is added. :wink: