UAD Plugins and the mysterious "mic icon"

Hello, I have a number of UAD plugins and when I open a UAD plugin to edit, I notice this small little “mic” icon in the bottom left hand corner. By default, it appears “gray” (disabled?) and if you press the icon it becomes “red” (enabled?). However, I’m not sure I notice any different in the sound or performance when it’s enabled and disabled.

I have searched both Cubase and UAD documentation and there does not appear to be any reference to this. Does anyone know what this does? See the screenshot attached for an example.

Cubase UAD Plugin|433x142

“LiveTrack mode”.
Page 64:

Ha… This document is new to me. I have read the cubase manuals, and on the UAD side the the plugin and Apollo Software manual, even the hardware manuals. Never saw this one, but that explains it.

Thank you very much!!!