uad plugins not working as inserts

hello plug in graphics load but no signal on the meters. other 3rd party plugs work as you would expect. the inserts on groups work just fine and sends also. i am coming to nuendo 10 from 4 so i might have missed something obvious. thank so much, ron

mac mini running mojave

Did the UAD Card notice you load some plugs? Seems like they are “offline” … saw that before.
Check the UAD interface if plugins are actually running on the DSP.

Maybe the constrain delay compensation is turned on by accident ?

the ua card is my apollo x8p. all plugs work in luna and in nuendo 10 sends and in inserts on a group track just not individual tracks so i have a workaround (send everything to a group of one) but obviously not what we want. does anyone know if this is a confirmed bug? thank you

i still can’t figure this out. uad plugs not working on track inserts. they work just fine as an inserts on a group which has become my workaround (make a group for every individual track) fab filter and soothe along with all the nuendo plugs work as expected as inserts on individual track. when i open a project formerly done in nuendo 4 in nuendo 10 the uad plugs do work and i can add new ones. very strange! i am sure i am missing something can anyone advise me? thank you so much, ron

bump to this. i have a ticket open with steinberg customer support but still can’t get to the bottom of this. it’s not delay compensation or anything else obvious. also curious is that melodyne has the same problem but fab filter and soothe work as planned. so weird. should i regret going to the mac world? was on a pc since nuendo 1. sure would appreciate any insights. thanks, ron

No problem with Pcie’s here. Everything working as it should. I hope you get it figured…

good to hear robin. my ua plugins come from the apollo via thunderbolt 3 but melodyne lives on the hd. head scratcher. i’ll post when i hear word from steinberg

Yeah, let us know. I know this is a long shot, but I would re-install Nuendo - it’s really quick. Perhaps there is something corrupted.

hey robin they just released an update! could be great timing for me, gonna go for it thank you very much. btw also been on nuendo since 1.0

You’re welcome. The update is great!