UAD plugins =sound dissapear Cubase le 7

Enyone experienced that the sound dissapear when loading a uad plugin in cubase?
I am on a cubase le7 version but it worked before the latest uad update 11.2 Any ideas of solving this problem?
Running win 10.

Latest UAD update is 4 days old and is 11.3.
I had several problems with UA connect the last few days.

Sorry I missed the 11.3 update. I realised it´s only my stereoplugins that stops the audio from playback. I see an indication of sound on all meters exept the master strip.

Everything is working with any other 3rd party plugin and as soon as I load a uad stereoplugin into the project, any channel the sound disappears.

Now I don´t know if I should try the update for 11.3 or not?
Help would be highly appreciated!