UAD Plugins tips/explanation with VstLive

Hi You’all! I decide to use my UAD plugins during shows so I needed to set everything in the best possible way.
As you can notice in the video I realized that VstLive preload all the UAD plugins for each song. I was wondering if there was a way to load the plugin only for each song/part, to save DSP resources.
How does UAD plugin management work? It seems different to me from the standard Steinberg plugins. I understood that VST were loaded and used independently for each song. Am I wrong?
I then noticed that, when possible, by turning off the plugin the UAD DSP saves resources (as normally happens on all other DAW), so I also thought about automating the turning off/on of the plugin for each part.
Is anyone else using UAD plugins and facing the same issues as me? Thanks everyone in advance for any help

VST Live does not support a purge mode yet. All plugin instances, once loaded, are kept in memory and redy for action in order to prevent delays.

We are planning a purge mode though, where you can select to purge (unload plugins) a Part when another Part gets selected. This of course means that when that Part is loaded again, it would have to re-load all plugins, which may cause significant delays.

You may want to consider to use shared Instruments for Layers. For Stacks, you can create a similar situation by using the Global Part. Create Stacks there with plugins you use more than once. You can also send there from audio tracks using Virtual Audio Ports, which work like cables.

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Honestly the possibility to purge for every SONG. more than for every part, wuold be amazing. I can only imagine the chance to use for each song different UAD plugins with thousand of combinations, it would be unbeleivable, using vst with no latency ad avoid CPU overload.

For now I will use global stacks and automation, by the way unsing UAD plugins VstLive crashed 2 times, i upload the files, maybe is useful for you
VST Live Version 1.4.62 2024.3.23 (3.8 MB)
VST Live Version 1.4.60 2024.3.11 (3.1 MB)

… thank you. I had a quick look. You are working with “Virtual Audio” cables. How’s your setup? Can you remember when the crash happened? While changing Parts? Songs? Did you do anything special?


Virtual audio it was my mistake, 'cause sometimes when I change audio card it loads automatically virtual audio 1 as main output. It crashed opening the program, loading the project. It has never happened before. I’m using now in my studio an Apollo Twin X thunderbolt, using the one virtual apollo channel (not virtual audio from Vst Live) as main output. I have other outputs for keys, guitars and click. For convenience I also put these together in the main output. In live, however, I use a TASCAM and I have all separate outputs for each output, main, click, keys and guitar.
The only “special” thing that I made it was create a different stacks, one global too, with UAD plugins and Amplitube, for the guitar.