UAD Plugs Configuration in Cubase 10 Question

Cheers All:

UAD users will note that there are both mono and “regular” (channel count is undesignated) versions of your UAD plugs. If I place a “regular” UAD plug in the insert of a mono audio channel, will the plug operate automatically as a mono plug? I know that mono versions of UAD (and other) plugs are required for Pro Tools (at least up to version 10) but do I have to use mono plugs for mono channels?

AFAIK and according to UA no need for mono with cubase. But it is easy to check. Load a heavy uad plugin in mono version and check dsp usage in uad meter. Then load the normal version on a mono track. It should use the same dsp amount as the mono version.

you don’t need the mono plugins in Cubase. Using mono plugins is supposed to save on UAD dsp power with a few % from what I have been told

Thanks for the info. I thought that it was only a PT thing but wanted to confirm. Rock on… :smiley: