UAD (technically UADx) is now VST3 (and native)

I posted this in the WaveLab Users Facebook group but thought it might be good to post here too:

I never thought I’d see the day but here I am using a UAD plugin in WaveLab, without any UAD hardware attached to my laptop and perhaps more exciting for some, the new UADx versions are VST3 which means they can be automated as Clip Effects in the Audio Montage. Until now, UAD plugins have only been VST2 and aside from being a very old format, paramters for VST2 plugins can’t be automated in WaveLab.

Licenses for previously purchased UAD plugins are slowly populating into the new UA Connect app over the next few days but here’s the first one that made it to my account:

UAD haven’t released any new plugins in years that I’ve been interested in for mastering but since I own the ATR-102, K-Stereo, the Manley stuff, and a few others, having them available on my mobile rig will be nice.

I have a PCI card on my main rig and a Thunderbolt Satellite on my b-rig but I’ve already deemed UAD not worthy of dragging a Satellite around for while traveling…but I’ll take them if they’re native and easy to use which is now the case.

No need to subscribe if you already own the plugins from before.

Another fun test on my main rig will be to see if montages can render faster using the native UADx compared to the old UAD version.

I’ve found that the old UAD versions caused much slower rendering compared to the Brainworx or Softube counterparts so if that’s the case, that’s another bonus.

No more slow UAD renders possibly.

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Oh wow, I had no idea this was in the pipeline. This is a potential game-changer for me. Thanks!

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Unless you really need their DSP/horsepower, I think the solution is to start using the UADx version everywhere so no matter where you are, your sessions will be compatible.

It doesn’t seem that you can open a session that had the old DSP versions and have it automatically use the new UADx versions instead and retain the settings. I could be wrong though. A little too early to tell.

Am I correct that this is only MAC so far? I use a custom built PC.

Yes. Apparently Windows will be later this year.

This feels like more of a public beta.

Well… that’s how UA is doing stuff in the last few years…
Sometimes I feel like an idiot, because I’m using Windows.
I do not trust them any more. LUNA is still Mac only.