UAD VS Native Plugins (cubase plugin manager)

So i’ve always known that using a UAD plugin in a project would mean that if i am working on the road without the UAD card, i would have an issue with plugins being missing, so i’ve stuck to things like the Sonnox Inflator as a native plugin.
I understand that cubase treats these 2 plugins differently as it categorises plugins via their ID.
This is also why the mess with the Virus TI on mac & pc are 2 different ID’s and if you go in cubase from PC to Mac your Virus TI and settings wont load in a project.

Was just recently that i realised from a friend who uses FL studio that their system of plugins works on a Name basis.
So if a plugin was named differently, you could have 2 versions of one plugin running.

Also means that if the UAD inflator and the Native inflator have the same name, you could go from using UAD enabled inflator at your studio to Native Inflator on a laptop while working on the run with no issue.

Is there any way around this roadblock on how Cubase works with plugins.

I would like to utilise my UAD if the option was there.

By “Native” you mean “Sonnox”? No, if you restore one plugin in place of another, unless there’s an amazing coincidence and the parameters are identical, the restored parameters won’t match what is expected.

Yeah i mean Sonnox, and it’s a shame.
Some of my colleagues who use FL studio successfully bounce between the UAD sonnox inflator & Native with no issue as the plugins are named identically.
I understand cubase uses a different system which doesn’t run by the name of the DLL but rather the unique ID code.
In my opinion, i agree with the system but in some circumstances it makes a mess.
Another perfect example of this is the Virus TI, on mac and on PC they have different ID codes, if you use a virus in a project on a pc then go to use it on cubase on a mac, it wont load.

It’s hard to believe that the settings would restore properly for your colleagues when they do that. I understand what you’re saying, but the way FL does this has always been considered a serious bug in FL because of the all the problems it causes.

I would guess Access had a good reason for doing that with the Virus, but that’s unusual…that is the first time I’ve ever heard of a plugin that has a different ID between PC and Mac.

The way to solve your problem is: insert both inflators on the track and A/B them, using one at a time, until they sound the same. Then, in the studio, turn off the native and turn on the UAD inflator. Do the reverse when you’re away from the studio.