Uad vst2 not showing properly in plug-in manager

So, purchased 2 new UAD vst2’s today. Could NOT get them to show up in plug-in manager even after rescan. Messed around in win 11 file explorer and moved some dll files into some vst folders. (Obviously a mistake ), One shows up and seems to work, the other shows up but won’t work. There are so many folders for vsts and uad stuff and Steinburger stuff I am at a loss. Would love to know how to wipe all vsts away and rebuild?

The “problem” with VST 2.x installations is that there was never a standard set on where these should be installed. VST 3 changed that and standardized it to “Program Files\Common Files\VST3”.
When installing VST 2.x plugins it is not a bad idea to try and pick the same location for all plugins if the choice is given. Where that is exactly doesn’t make any functional difference.
Because of this unorganized approach, plugin hosts, such as Cubase, offer the user the ability of defining multiple paths to VST 2.x plugins.
In Cubase, you specify these paths in the VST Plugin Manager.


At the bottom of the window, click the cogwheel to bring up the path settings. From there you can add and remove paths to cover any and all folders containing VST 2.x plugins.

Saw that. All my earlier vst 2 uad plug-ins loaded w no problem. Will take another look today. Wish i hadn’t tried manually moving stuff.