UAD, VST3 and Cubase 13 on Windows question

I know this is a UAD question. But getting help there is convoluted. This is also a VST3 question. I just updated UAD Connect. It installed the new versions of the plug-ins I purchased from them These are perpetual licensed UAD-x - software based. I got an error from C13 about unsupported architecture. Usually I would just delete these. But look where they are. Why would there be x86 components in VST3? Does Steinberg own the VST3 platform? Or does anyone monitor it? I’m not complaining really - except about UAD - I’m curious. Thanks.

VST3 and 64 bits are not equivalent. There have been and still are in some web archives, 32 bits VST3 plug-ins available.

The issue here, is that Cubase no longer supports these, this, since Cubase 9, I think. So, are you sure that you have installed the 64 bits versions of your UAD plug-ins ?

I think we had a similiar topic not too long ago.

UA installs some files into the plugin folder that are not plugins. In your case you see some web browser components there.
Cubase now dutifully scans those files on start-up, finds out that they are not usable as plugins, puts them on its blocklist, and reports it to you.
I think this is nothing to worry about. It should happen only this one time.


Thanks. I agree Cubase has always handled the issue well.
I found a UAD page that says their VST is all 64 bit! hmmm . . .

this error message causes no harm to your system. This was a common problem a couple of years ago when Universal Audio opened up for Native plugins. I haven’t heard of them lately. If your plugins are available carry on making music, it won’t affect your experience. The “webview2loader.dll” is not a valid VST plugin so yes Cubase will block it when it is located in your vst folders.

These files belong to Microsoft Edge WebView2. It’s software to embed web content (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) in native Windows applications and libraries (like VST Plugins).

One could criticize that UAD has installed MS WebView2 Runtime in the standardized VST3 folder (C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3). Such content has actually no place there and belongs in the %APPDATA%\UAD folder, for example. Then VST plugin scanners wouldn’t have to deal with invalid files. A flaw.


this is not normal, i also use UAD-2 and UADx plugins, i checked my folders, i have the same webview .dell etc content in there, but i dont get any error message in cubase at all.

perhaps, could it be that you have manually added the folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3) to your VST2 plugin folders?
that way cubase would of course scan your .dlls in this folder. but thats actually wrong, the VST3 folder should not be added into the VST2 folder list, but thats just a guess

i totally agree with you, alot of things went south with UA in the recent time.


An excellent thought!

There are also some .dll files in the tree of my VST3 folder (iZotope’s and Steinberg’s[!] Rex Shared Library.dll), but these are usually completely ignored by the Cubase VST3 Plugin Scanner. My block list is all empty (and of course I have NOT entered the VST3 folder in the VST2 path settings of Cubase!)

But then I added the VST3 path as a test, and sure enough, Cubase listed the .dll files as invalid in a popup on startup :scream:! And they were also entered in the block list.

Somehow logical, because the VST2 Plugin Scanner searches for .dll files and the VST3 Plugin Scanner searches for .vst3 files.

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Yes, I feel that’s correct. I re-installed the suite and got an even bigger list of errors.

@pkmusic: ?


There is probably something wrong with your installation. In your image we can see that the plugin in question appears to be uaudio_teletronix_la-2a_tc.vst3 (Tube Compressor). I have this plugin installed as well as the Teletronix collection (uaudio_teletronix_la-2.vst3, uaudio_teletronix_la-2a_gray.vst3, uaudio_teletronix_la-2a_silver.vst3) and everything works perfectly. When I purchased one of the UA bundles, I downloaded UA Connect and iLok Manager (requires an iLok account), installed the plugins and everything worked. No special handling required, UA Connect takes care of everything.

I use a computer (Desktop) with Windows 11 (latest updated version) and Cubase 13.0.41.

You should attempt to reinstall Cubase and UA Connect, taking care to remove any folders or files that could be associated with UAD products on your system.

It’s worth the cost to try.

I did the re-install at UA’s request. Nothing’s changed really. What is evident is that inside every UA .vst3 plug-in is a folder called WebView. Inside this folder are some x86 dlls. Cubase throws these up as an error after install and adds them all to the BlockList.

It’s really curious. I also have this WebView2 folder in the Resources folder of the Content folder for each VST3 plugin. This WebView2 folder contains a Runtimes folder with resource folders for win-amd64, win-x64 and win-x86. Everything is completely functional.

If everything is up to date on your side, I don’t think I can be of much help. You should contact UAD technical support and see with them if this situation has already been encountered. They may have a solution to this problem.

Thanks very much. What I’m raising here does not affect my workflow. Cubase carries on. The plug-ins work. What I originally asked was about adherence to VST3 standards. If a plug-in is advertised as 64bit - as UA does - then it should all be 64bit. I have raised this with UA. Their response was nada. It’s also up to Steinberg. I should mention that Halion 7 also has x86 dlls in the install of WebView. So they are not bothered about it.