UAD2/Cubase x64----- jbridge or Cubase bridge?

Hey guys

Those of you running UAD2 and Cubase x64 are you having good luck with Cubases built in bridge or jbridge? or am I better off waiting…I’m getting impatient though :laughing:


I have UAD-1 running 6.0 drivers and I have not had issues using the built-in bridge. I would imagine it is the same is for UAD-2. Once upon a time I required JBridge, but no longer.


I’m running UAD v6.1.0 with Cubase 64bit, with a mix of UAD-2 and UAD-1 cards, and all is well with the Cubase bit-bridge.

It looks like 64bit UAD plugins aren’t far off now, so not too long to wait! :slight_smile:

And you know that the UAD-1 is not included in the 64-bit plugins.


Yes indeed, it is a shame, but the trade-in on UAD-1 cards isn’t too bad, so all we lose really is the Nigel set of plugins… :frowning:

Thanks for the replies

I bought jbridge today and just used that. The only reason I asked is I read a comment on the UAD froums that said UAD worked better with the Steinberg bridge and I didn’t know if that was true. I assume the mouse wheel doesn’t work for you guys with Cubases bridge???

So far I’m impressed how everything seems happy with the bridging. I didn’t know what to expect but so far so good.

UAD-1 cards don’t work with the latest 6.2.0 32bit UAD plugins.

the mouse wheel don’t work with bridge (steinberg or Jbridge)

Confirmed that the mousewheel does not work in C6-64 with the Steinberg Bridge.