UAD2 Plugins & Rendering / Freezing

Hello all,

I have Cubase Pro 10, a UAD PCI-e card, and several UAD plugins which I am attempting to ‘render in place’. I am on a Focusrite Clarett 2, through Thunderbolt, to a Windows 10 PC. I was able to accomplish this in Reaper, and was expecting to be able to with Cubase as well. However, when I try ‘rendering in place’, with channel settings, I end up with a blank wave file with no audio. Similarly, when I ‘freeze’ the tracks with a UAD plugin on, the resulting track is silent. Playback yields no audio from the frozen tracks.

I am nowhere near 100% DSP usage, and am only trying to apply some preamp coloration on these tracks before proceeding. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

Worst case, I will be able to manually print to new audio tracks, but am hoping to find some setting or option that is causing this for me.

Sure you did not render/freeze a muted track? In such case, the mute will be rendered, i.e. no audio (fell on this several times)

Render in place works well with UAD plugins here, it’s at least not a general problem.