Uh Oh 8.0.10 added Audio Spikes!

Cubase 8.0.05 was working wonderfully for me but now suddenly i’m loading up just 2 guitar Rig instances Kontact and Addictive drums and i’m getting the dreaded spikes I keep hearing about.

I’m on a top spec Late 2012 Yosemite iMac and i’m using a UR28m at 64 samples.
This is normally absolutely fine!

I have attach a short video of the problem

Heres a Asio video of performance before the update on a MUCH more demanding project.

Is there anyway I can roll back?

I’ve some spikes after the update on OSX too… :confused:

Noticed the same. Audio spikes where they did not happen in 8.0.5. Not good.

Rolled immediately back to 8.0.5.

Late 2012 MacMini + Focusrite Scarlett 18i6

Yep - I am getting the same - really irritating - how do you roll back to 8.05 ?

What a mess!

I’ll skip 8.0.10 then too, as I did 8.0.5.
There’s a first time for everything, I guess.

Turning multiprocessing support ON in Kontact (against NI and Steinberg’s setup advice) solved most of my spikes.

I used Apple Time Machine. I am new to Macs and this was the first time I’ve done a rollback of any sort using this feature (opened time machine, navigated to yesterday and selected Cubase in the programs folder). It worked just fine it seems.

Same problem here. I’m using OSX and have noticed a lot more spikes. I’m also going back to 8.0.5 until they can fix this mess.

Just out of interest, are you guys (with the ‘spike’ problems), running Yosemite 10.10.2 (latest update) ??



I had to go back to 8.0.0 because I had not saved a copy of the 8.0.5 installation. Even that version has more spikes than 7.5, although not as bad as 8.0.10.

Did anyone actually report this as a problem to Steinberg? If so, any response from them?

I filed a problem report with Steinberg support. However, it seems to have gone into the proverbial black hole.

I have also now installed 8.0.20 and the problem is as bad as ever.

Is anyone else still pursuing this problem?