UI consistency between VST Live and the new Cubase 13 hub on Windows

One of the things I really like about the new Cubase 13 window handling (on Windows!) is that it conforms with standard Windows programming guidelines … no more “menu bar” stuck at the top of the screen. A side effect of this is that the Steinberg Hub is now the main initial window, and I’m also fine with that, however the placement of buttons at the bottom of the C13 window and the VST Live window are different.

Cubase 13:

VST Live:

Perhaps the teams might have a chat, and agree to put the “Quit” buttons in the same place? :slight_smile:

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… the arrangement of the Cubase buttons “Create Empty…” and “Quit Cubase” are for macOS reversed. We’ve decided that the VL button arrangements are equal for both operating systems and took the macOS variant. You need the Quit button on the right side for VST Live, too?


Mmmm … so no standard, therefore no way to know what’s “right” :slight_smile:

For me, it’s a minor annoyance due to the number of times I’ve hit the wrong button when moving between the two. I would just like them to be consistent, but it sounds like any change would only upset others, who will want it the way it is.

Is that not a bit crazy? Perhaps it’s the Cubase team who need to have a chat amongst themselves :smiling_imp: