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Hi all,

I am trying to help a friend who has upgraded her mac from a very old machine to the latest MAC m2. she has Cubase AI 7 which will no longer run on Apple Silicon and latest MAC os and wants to upgrade to elements 12. Is it just a case of logging onto the shop and buying the upgrade, upgrading from the cubase AI version to elements 12. will this link to her steinberg cubase AI 7 license?

I would appreciate any help and guidance.


Yes, she buys the upgrade from AI to Elements 12, and will be provided a download code which you can enter into the “Steinberg Activation Manager” application to upgrade.

The upgrade needed will be “from AI/LE 4-11” (Bottom option on the site if buying direct):

Do you know if she was running AI from a USB eLicenser, or did she have it on a soft eLicenser? If it’s on a USB dongle she will need to have access to that as when you enter the new download code for Elements v12 it will want the old license to upgrade from.

If she had it on a soft eLicenser, I’m not sure what the process is and whether she would need to recover it first to a new soft eLicense (Very easy to do via Steinberg account). OR, if it’s read from the Steinberg account and automated.

I’ve not had to do that myself, but I’m sure someone will reply to confirm the process.

One thing to be aware of is that Cubase 13 is likely to be released soon, so she will most likely be within a grace period if buying C12 now and will receive that for free when released too.