UI is too big - v1.0.20

As I earlier complained the UI size is too big on my PC (Win 10, 1920 x 1080 / 24’’).
Now I installed Dorico on my 14’’ notebook (also same Win 10, 1366 x 768). As you can see in the attached screenshot the UI is too big here, too. Compared to other applications it is like everything in Dorico is scaled to 150% or 175%. This uses too much space on screen.
So please, fix this issue somehow (after your well deserved holidays :slight_smile:

I second that.

+1, same here. 1920 x 1200 / 17’’, Windows DPI at 115%.

Menus and toolbars (except for the status bar) are much larger than in other applications and use way too much screen space.

Me too… Especially the note value panel…

Thanks for your consideration!

Yes, everything is big and bloby. More refinement please…

Would be nice if it would be scalable (in the future:-) but for now on large screens this is now quite okay bit perhaps a bit too big. Actually looks pretty much like Lightroom, I think the makers have looked at it with a lot of interest, working spaces, panels…
Attached how it looks on my MB 13"
MacBook 13%22.png
and Cinema Display 23" (3 days left to look at it…)
Apple Cinema display 23%22.png

Dear srh,

Daniel talks a little bit about Lightroom in his interview on clarineat (november) and indeed it has been a source of inspiration for UI in Dorico !

And it won’t matter what size the UI is made, whether large or small, someone’s going to complain about it. I agree that it would be nice if it could be made scalable in a future upgrade. But I think Daniel and the team were right to err on the side of making it a bit too large – that way everybody can see it even if they wish it were smaller. If it had been made smaller then people with less than 20/20 eyesight would have had a problem.

I think this is one situation where no matter what was done there would be complaints – making it scalable so that each user could make it comfortable for them would be nice. Of course many things are easy to ask for and not necessarily easy to program.

Reading this thread, I cannot help thinking of the Hollywood quote, “There are no small parts, just small actors.”

I do hope eventually the size of the controls part of the display might be configurable. I am just getting used to the fact that I not only have to look at the cogwheels, etc. on the Dorico screen but also check the Windows program menus for options.

It’s too big/non-configurable regardless.

Maybe just right for a hi-res, but smallish laptop screen, but on a bunch of 27" 1080p screens it just takes up too much space.
Would love to try it on my wife’s Surface Pro 4, but she won’t let me… :frowning:

Peace out,

EDIT: And the fact that the menus that appear once you click on the items in the menu bar have a different font size than the items themselves is just… weird. :unamused:
As shown in the OP’s attachment…