UI issue with marquee

Sometimes when I exit a preference window and return to the main write mode screen the marquee is active without pressing the trackpad. So just moving the cursor creates a marquee box and selects everything in it. I can of course escape out of this or just click in a blank space to dismiss the marquee, but unless you pay attention this can cause unwanted actions.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a trackpad setting that makes this not an issue? I have tried a bunch of things and can’t seem to find a solution.

It doesn’t happen all the time. It’s like it gets into a mode.

I’ve noticed a weird one where if something’s selected and I move the cursor (without pressing down) the item moves. This sounds like the same thing: Dorico’s not registering that the “left mouse button” has been released (inverted commas because it’s not a physical left mouse button).

I can’t pin down a particular set of events that leads to this, and I’ve only spotted it three or four times in probably the last 20 hours of Dorico use.

Yes, that sounds the same. Once it is in that mode, the only way out is to click some blank space to clear the trackpad. Pressing escape leaves it in the mode and the next time I drag on the trackpad without clicking it, the marquee is still active. Once it is cleared it behaves until the next time whatever event causes this mode to happen occurs.

There are certainly situations where you can end up with a mouse event getting swallowed unexpectedly: it’s not so problematic (though still annoying) when it’s a mouse down, but when it’s a mouse up that gets swallowed, you have to take special action to put things back on an even keel. In my experience this tends to happen when Dorico is doing something in the background with loading sounds or otherwise changing audio engine settings. The UI locks for a moment when this happens, and if you happen to click or release the click in this moment, then the click (or keypress) is lost. At the moment I’m not sure what can practically be done about it, but it’s certainly something I’d like to eradicate if possible.

I mostly see it just after opening a file so your explanation makes sense. I hope you can eradicate this one too.