UI lag/delay on Mac

I have used cubase on pc and Mac for many many years, on many machines and many versions of cubase. And I experience a weird delay when clicking and releasing the mouse buttons on Mac. Never on pc. Does anyone know what this is? It almost feels like it’s intentional. I think it’s always the same amount of delay, no matter how bit or small the project is. Most noticeable is when editing. If I trim an event, it takes like 0.5 seconds after letting go of the mouse button before it’s actually released. So if I’m holding cmd to override snap I have to hold cmd for a little while after I let go, otherwise cubase will interpret it as if I’ve let go of the cmd button before the mouse button, and therefore snaps.

It’s the same with the internal track pad, external mouse, external trackpad. On external 4k display or just the internal. And as I said through many versions and computers. Currently on m1 and cubase 12.

Feels like it could be more of a Mac thing than a Cubase thing, because I have a feeling that I’ve encountered it in other programs as well. But not for example in reaper, no matter how heavy the project.

I’ve really tried searching for the answer, but I’m sure you can imagine what kind of results words like “latency” and “input lag” gives me.

Just realised now that it’s really only with the holding of a button. Regular clicking and everything else is instant. It’s as if it’s waiting to see if I’m really done with my dragging. Like it has to do with the function that when dragging and dropping on Mac you can briefly lift your fingers and get a new grip.

Haha holy poop. Just writing about it here made me think a bit more and find the solution! It has to do with my three finger drag setting. Weird that I only really notice it in cubase… Well, I found some weird script attached in a post in another forum that I’m not allowed to link to. Search for “three finger drag delay” and you’ll eventually stumble upon it.

I thought I’d leave this post here in case someone else has the same problem. Feel free to delete it if it seems too unrelated to cubase.